Alistair Payne / Teis Semey


"I find the duo project to be inspiring and motivational! Seeing and hearing two people blend their time, feel, rhythm and sound into one warm soulful sound satisfies any palate. 'Two as one' is what comes to my mind and heart as I listen. I look forward to hearing more in the future."

- Terrell Stafford

Alistair and I had been very interested in the duo format for a while, partially due to Ben Wendels "The Seasons". Working together was easy and fun from the beginning due to our similar approach to music and improvisation. We decided to make a video trilogy with three recorded pieces played live by us. The first two were originals and we finished off with an arrangement of The World is Waiting for the Sunrise. We enjoyed this a lot, and we have since then played a lot more in this format. We are in the process of making new material for new videos, which will hopefully soon be out.